We have been actively involved in the construction of road and railway bridges ever since our company was established. We construct bridges for municipalities, cities, regions, road repair authorities, the Czech Directorate for Roads and Motorways and the Czech Railway Administration.

Road bridges

We carry out most construction projects, new constructions and reconstructions independently using our own capacities. The completeness of the delivery is ensured by the specialized centres of the Firesta joint-stock company.

Among other things, we constructed the entire section of the Jihlava km 112 - km 119 Velký Beranov road utilizing solely our own capacities. This construction was demanding in terms of the deadline, capacities and the overall requirements of the contracting authority, and included motorway bridges and overpasses. The project was one of the most complex in the Czech Republic.

Railway bridges

We repair, reconstruct and build railway bridges, culverts and underpasses. We also offer repairs and reconstructions of tunnels. We provide comprehensive works utilizing only our own capacities, including waterproofing, remediation, steel structure production, special foundations, handling of structures and temporary bridges, and last but not least work on superstructure. Through our technologies, qualified employees, use of modern and progressive technologies, and experience from completed constructions projects, we guarantee timely fulfilment of all agreed delivery conditions.
With our technical equipment, qualified staff, the use of modern and progressive technologies and experience from completed constructions, we guarantee the timely fulfillment of all agreed delivery conditions.

Head of the Road Bridge Department
Ing. Ivo Habarta

Head of the Railway Bridge Department
Ing. Libor Hökl