Laying of bituminous surfaces

Laying of bituminous surfaces

The centre for bituminous surfaces was established in 2015. The background for its establishment was the dynamic growth of the company and the associated need to provide special types of work. In 2015, machines for one laying team were acquired.
  • 32 orders in total
  • 118 789 m2 laid
  • 6 379 m3 of bitumen in total
  • 16 266 s total weight
  • 37 465 607 CZK annual turnover

  • 44 orders in total
  • 177 642 m2 laid
  • 16 247 m3 of bitumen in total
  • 39 984 s total weight
  • 79 393 471 CZK annual turnover

  • 61 orders in total
  • 308 642 m2 laid
  • 24 054 m3 of bitumen in total
  • Laying of SC 10 900 m3
  • 57 770 s total weight
  • 196 296 170 CZK annual turnover
The company bough the Vögele 1600 3i paver-finisher and the Hamm VO 12 and Hamm DV 70i VO rollers. Due to the growing demand for the laying of bituminous layers, a small Vögele 1300 3i paver-finisher was acquired, and in 2016, the Hamm 12 VV and a Hamm HD + 90i VO rollers were purchased. The centre was then expanded with a second laying team.

In 2017, due to the requirements of the project involving the reconstruction of the D1 motorway and the I/11 Oldřichovice – Bystřice road section, the company widened its machinery fleet with the Vögele 1900 3i paver-finisher, the Ammann ARX 110 T4f roller with the ACE Force equipment, the Dynapac MF 2500 CS SwingApp asphalt material transfer vehicle, and the SB250 2TV tamper.

The centre has its own means of transport used to transport the machinery as the laying requires.

HEAD OF Department
​Alexander Freml

Laying of bitumen surfaces

Laying of bitumen surfaces

Laying of bitumen surfaces

Laying of bitumen surfaces

Laying of bitumen surfaces

Laying of bitumen surfaces
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