Renovation of concrete structures

Bechyně bridge


Investor/Contracting Authority: South Bohemian Region
Construction period: 09/2003 - 11/2004
Project description:
The project involved the rehabilitation of the substructure, reconstruction of roads and railways.

Monolithic reinforced-concrete structure, embedded arch, span of the arch 90 m, length of the bridge 203.5 m, clearance of the bridge openings 4x13.5 + 90 + 4x13.5 m, width of the road 6.6 m, width between the railing 8.9 m, height of the bridge above terrain 58.3 m. The actual rehabilitation of the substructure and ceiling of the load-bearing structure consisted in the removal of degraded concrete and full-area blasting with a Torbo machine (approx. 12 000 m2), treatment of the exposed bracing, application of corrosion inhibitor (approx. 10 300 m2) sealing mastic, and a unifying coating (approx. 12 000 m2). Reprofiling was performed by hand and using the dry shotcrete technology, the sealing mastic was applied using the wet shotcrete method. Furthermore, the works included the demolition of closing walls, construction of new ones, replacement of bearings and modification of bridge abutments, cement grouting of gravel cracks and chemical grouting of working joints and cracks (approx. 1 100 m) and gravel nests (approx. 8.03 s of epoxy resin). The reconstruction of the superstructure consisted of removing the bridge deck layers up to the supporting structure of the bridge, rehabilitation of the bridge deck, sidewalk gutters and cornices, installation of new expansion joints, bridge deck insulation, construction of new structural layers of roads and railways, reconstruction of sidewalk gutters lighting. The upper of the bridge is specific in that the railway superstructure also forms part of the road superstructure.