Renovation of concrete structures

Domašov tunnel


Investor/Contracting Authority: The Czech Railway Administration, Olomouc County Directorate

Project description:

The rehabilitation of the 121 m long and 5.4 m wide Domašov tunnel was divided into two sections. The first section was 90 m long, and the original stone masonry was kept. Chemical and cement grouting, as well as masonry blasting and re-jointing on a total area of 510 m2 took place. The second section was 31 m long and was removed completely. The work consisted of securing the original lining with timbering, removing the overburden and demolition in the excavated part of the tunnel. Subsequently, a construction pit was made along with a temporary portal of shotcrete with anchoring. A 17 m long micropile umbrella was made in the excavated part, the lining of the excavation was secured by anchoring and reinforced shotcrete. This was followed by the installation of bracing from welded beams, an insulation system made of PE-HD boards (468 m2) and the installation of a new lining made of shotcrete (207 m3). At the same time, a new monolithic reinforced-concrete portal with cladding made of natural stone was built. Part of the construction was a complete installation of the drainage system of the new part of the tunnel, including two culverts