The company FIRESTA-Fišer, rekonstrukce, stavby a.s., organizačná zložka, was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of the Czech company FIRESTA-Fišer, rekonstrukce, stavby a.s. based in Brno, with the aim of focusing on the construction and reconstruction of traffic structures.
Our clients include cities, municipalities, higher territorial units, the Slovak Road Administration, the Slovak National Motorway Administration, and many others, whom we have convinced of the quality of our work and the experience of our employees over the 19 years of operation on the market.

We have a reputation of a reliable partner that carries construction projects in the required quality and on time. The priority of the company and the entire team of employees is accuracy, precision, speed of work, and especially, customer – investor – satisfaction.

Based on good references, we built and reconstructed, for example:

1. I/11 Čadca – Bridge 208
Financial volume: 6 583 337,61 €

2. I/77 Smilno – Svidník, road reconstruction
Financial volume: 19 221 781.79 €

3. D3 Motorway Svrčinovec – Skalité
Financial volume: 217 691.01 €
4. Construction and safety measures on roads of Class I in the Prešov Region /I/73 Lipníky - Giraltovce
Financial volume: 331 294.50 €

5. Construction modifications of a cattle shelter. No. 136 in Makov
Financial volume: 37 794.78 €

6. Footbridge over Revúca; Reconstruction of the bench over Váh
Financial volume: 117 135.88 €

FIRESTA - Fišer, rekonstrukce, stavby a. s.

Organizačná zložka, V záhradách 17, 811 02 Bratislava
ID: 21 802 338
VATIN: 2021519137

Ing. Pavel Škrášek

Čadca bridge

Arboreum residental complex in Žilina



Ružomberok bridge

D3 motorway